Attendance Policy:

Cheerleading is a unique sport in which an athlete’s safety and success is dependent upon teamwork, trust, and responsibility of the whole team.  Therefore, 100% commitment is required and unexcused absences will NOT be tolerated. You are responsible for contacting the head coach if your child is going to be late to practice or miss practice.

Missed Games: When a game missed by one or more cheerleader can result in the inability to perform at half-time due to incomplete stunt groups and gaps in choreography and positioning. As such games are considered mandatory.

Missed Practices: Cheerleaders are expected to participate in all practices as well.  The missing practice has a significant impact on the whole team.

Examples of Excused Absences:

  • Religious event
  • School event
  • Injury (Where attendance is prohibitive)
  • Illness (If extended or repetitive due to an ongoing medical issue, a doctor’s note will be required)
  • Serious illness or death in the family
  • Other reasons determined excused after discussion with the HEAD coach

Examples of Unexcused absences include:

  • Planned vacations after August, or vacations longer than one week (4 practices) in August
  • Conflict with another sport
  • Playdates and sleepovers
  • Birthdays

Communication from a parent/guardian to the HEAD COACH explaining an absence from practice or game is required prior to the beginning of that practice or game. Otherwise, the absence will be considered unexcused.

Participants must complete a minimum of four hours of practice (two sessions) during the week prior to every scheduled game. This rule applies whether or not the absence is excused or unexcused. Otherwise, the participant may not be allowed to participate in that week’s game, but will still be expected to attend as part of the team. Warm up prior to a game does not constitute a practice session!

Habitual lateness and/or absences during the season may result in change of position, or ineligibility to participate in the scheduled games or competitions.